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The Clock Coffee Shop



The Clock is a pleasant spot, an ideal place for meeting while sipping hot coffee and enjoying snacks. From salads and sandwiches to soups, coffee to capuchinos, desserts and pastries, it offers a great selection of the freshest food for those on the go. This coffee shop has it all, exceptional cuisine, elegant atmosphere and a stunning variety to sip in.They take great pride in what they do, especially when it comes to food.


Booming and being expressive, the chic new coffee shop is the perfect mix of colors and contemporary set up. Jump start your day with fresh pastries and your favorite cup of coffee's, then plug-in to the energy of the evening city, with specialty cuisines and premium wines. Our coffee shop provide the perfect setting for relaxing and socializing and offer refined cuisine with the latest in fusion dishes from around the world.


As you sit spellbound by the atmosphere, you may hardly notice that this place is truly one of the finest dining experiences you would enjoy. It's a setting with sounds that soothe the soul and sets the mood for an unparalleled culinary adventure. Coupled with fantastic service, beautiful atmosphere and outrageous food, they try to make the sipping and dining experience a life long memory.





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