1st time to TRICHY? what to expect 

Life moves faster than you think! So, can we just pause, breathe, and travel through our chaotic lives and explore the world?  Because it is never too late to begin experiencing the WORLD 

What can you expect from TRICHY on your first trip? 

The clean city TRICHY welcomes you with less traffic roads, robust infrastructure that gets you to reach anywhere on time.  These will cease to amaze you, especially if you are a city lad

Indeed, the friendliest and peaceful city in Tamilnadu 

Want to say a quick prayer – There is a tiny temple that can be found on almost every street!

Would you like to see religious secularism?  Visit the main guard gate to see the Rockfort Temple and the tall St. Joseph’s Church in the same view and more

Here’s the list, let’s get started:

1. Rockfort Temples 

The most iconic place at the centre of TRICHY. As you climb all the way to the top, you’ll be able to bask in the cool breeze and feel like the king/queen of this magnificent city with the breath-taking views from the top. The warmth, peace, and solace this temple provides is unmatchable.

2. Kaveri bridge:  The best hangout spot for the locals as well as for the tourists. 

Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. Don’t you agree? There is always something magical in the horizon

This is a beautiful spot for watching both sunrise and sunset. Unquestionably a desirable viewpoint as you witness the magical moment when the sun meets the horizon

3. Witness the Teppakulam streets: Without having to worry about countless rushing situations, you can move through the crowd. You get to enjoy a relaxing walk experience amid the hustle and bustle of the street.

4. The Movie life – Only a few big-hero movies require reservations, but most movies won’t prevent you from seeing them on a big screen. Friday nights won’t disappoint your family. Ain’t a big thing.

5. Mambazha Saalai – The paradise for fruit lovers. As the name says, the summer is loaded with different varieties of mangoes and a wide range of fruits. Your taste buds will be compelled by this to tell your eyes to stop and buy.

Why wait bag em up!

6. Kallanai Dam– Don’t miss this enormous structure that was constructed with traditional techniques and pure class. Modern dams cannot compare to the wonders built by the Chola king Karikala Cholan.

7. Car-free Sundays / Happy Streets on Sundays – Court Road has been chosen as a venue for moderate crowd gathering, and you can spend a hassle-free Sunday

Most importantly, as soon as you step foot in this serene city, your spirit will be happier than ever.

Welcome to Tamilnadu’s friendliest and most tranquil city.

#DO NOT MISS: Kaveri River dividing into two. Kollidam and Kaveri form the island of Srirangam. A visual treat

If you’re really planning to visit TRICHY, please pay a visit, even if you must do it alone.

Don’t reschedule JOY!

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