Places to visit TRICHY in SEP’22

Trichy is more than TEMPLES! Fresh air, Cauvery water surrounded by historical of all regions

September is one the best times to visit Trichy. With the city soaked in transiting itself to the monsoon with some occasional spells, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy with cold breeze.

Every other year, Trichy stands proud and bagged the award “Cleanest City of the Tamil Nadu”. There is yet another reason to visit Trichy

With great deal of shopping options, mouth-watering local cuisines, recently opened fancy cafes, and lots of fascinating tourist attractions are just a slice of what’s in store.

During September’22, Trichy is sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy!

But the beacon/vibe of TRICHY is always heart-warming!

It’s just there!

Here are some places in Trichy to Visit in September:
1.Butterfly Park:

Butterfly Park tops one of the wonderful places to visit.

Situated away from the city life, the park provides gorgeous surroundings to completely unwind. Flying in vibrant colours, this peaceful and tranquil Pachamalai hills in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli district are home to 109 known and rare butterfly species.

At the entrance, there is a large statue of a blue tiger butterfly, and there are numerous carvings of caterpillars and other insects throughout the park. During September, with the starting of Navaratri festival and school holidays begin, it becomes an ideal destination for the entire family, as children can enjoy boating in a shallow lake, playing in a children’s park, or crossing a suspended bridge. There is also a cave with wildlife paintings to upliftchildren’s spirits.

2.Pachamalai hills:

The hills that are smitten by indigenous flora and fauna.

Situated 80 km from north of Tiruchirappalli with an altitude of 500 m to 1000 meters, Pachamalai hills are meant for trekking. They will be etched in your memories for lifetime and ignite the inner calling to visit again.

Can rivers be your travel companion? Yes!  The rivers Sweata will be the best company for you while travelling.

September is the best time to visit the hills as you can taste the sweet Jack fruits are grown there. Pachamalai Hills is sure to be etched in your memory a long time because of all the birds, butterflies, and exotic animals.

3.Kallanai Dam, Trichy:

One of the best places to hang out in Trichy is the Kallanai dam, located just 20 km away from Trichy. This dam was built by KarikalanCholanabout 2000 years ago. Later in 18th

century, the dam was renovated by the British. It is the world’s fourth oldest water diversion or water-regulator structure, and the oldest still in use in India. It is a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu due to its spectacular architecture.

4.AgayaGangai waterfalls:

As the name says, this waterfall is truly a heaven on earth!

Located in Kolli hills, 3 hours of away from the Trichy. All you must do is to climb up to 1250 steps, to meet the doors of heaven. With feet (91 m) in height, the falls gets connected with the river Aiyaru. With the monsoon season stepping in September, you cannot afford to miss this location with your friends & family. The drizzle makes your journey and spine chill as you go down deep in every step.

Get ready to pack your bags and unearth the gems of this buzzing city in SEPTEMBER’22

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