Books to read while travelli

Get ready for a must-read travel list that will keep you groove on your toes till you have turned the last page.

Boy in Striped Pyjamas

This book will keep you occupied until you arrive at your destination with yet another spellbinding tale of innocence and the futility of war.

The Art of Travel is a charming little book by Alain De Botton. Simply put, it is the way wise men think about travelling, the mindsets that are most likely to be fruitful and the mindsets that are most likely to be harmful. There is also Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding. It will help you put into words some of your experiences and thoughts as a seasoned traveller, and it will help you learn some crucial lessons as a first-time traveller.


Discover India: Mountains and Rivers of India 

In this book, Daadu Dolma provides fun information for Mishki and Pushka about the majestic mountains and mighty rivers of India. Join them as they search for river sources, explore the highest peaks, and encounter fascinating wildlife. You shouldn’t skip out on taking this trip! 

The Discover India series of books, which include tonnes of entertaining facts and engaging activities, includes the book Mountains and Rivers of India. Explore India’s history, culture, cuisine, festivals, wildlife, and monuments through the lens of these books, and learn what makes this fascinating country so diverse.


Tiffin: Memories and Recipes of Indian Vegetarian Food by Rukmini Srinivas 

Memories and Recipes of Indian Vegetarian Food is significantly longer than the recipes portion. Be prepared for a book that is a little wordy and packed with anecdotes. One can anticipate reading a book that introduces them to the delights of South Indian vegetarian “tiffin.”


Vibrant at 1000: Big Temple, Thanjavur, India

Over centuries, Thanjavur has served as India’s centre for the arts. The town has perfected the art of fine living and exemplified the best in all fields, including painting, music, dance, drama, crafts, and cuisine. 

This coffee table book contains 160 images of the renowned Big temple. About 160 images in the coffee table book, depicting the Big Temple’s millennia-old history, art, culture, and many facets, from its sheer size to its architectural splendor and structural innovation.


Coastal India: A Complete Travel Guide towards all the Sea Beaches of INDIA

Are you getting too tired or bored to meet deadlines while seated in an office cubicle! Simply taking a break will renew your enthusiasm for everything in life.

Getting ready for a trip? This book will help you locate the best spot just for you.

What could be more exciting than spending a long weekend lounging under palm trees on beaches with miles of immaculate white sand, enjoying scuba diving in the deep blue sea, or spending time with your special someone on a deserted island? This book is for those who enjoy visiting coastal regions when they travel.

Say No-no to travel guides please!

When you run out of time, the checklist you had prepared from the travel guide will give you FOMO and an unsatisfactory travel experience in the long run. 

You could try to learn some useful local history. It will provide a conversation starter with the locals, enhance your travel experience, and provide answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

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