Explore the Convenience and Comfort of the Best 3 Star Hotels in Trichy

Trichy, or Tiruchirappalli showcases a picturesque story of the entire southern Indian region. Its rich and majestic architecture brings forth the classic history of southern India, which is reflected in every street and corner of the city. To experience the beauty of Trichy, staying in a prime location is crucial.

Located right at the pivotal point, these 3 star hotels in Trichy provide you with ease of travel, convenience, comfort, and more. Keep reading!

What Do the Best 3 Star Hotels in Trichy Have in Store for You?

The 3 star hotels in Trichy list out the following features of convenience and comfort:

  • Pivotal Location

Located in the heart of the city, like the Breeze Residency it brings you a greater ease of travel to the major city attractions, such as Rock Fort, Srirangam Temple, Tiruvainakkval Temple, and more. It is one of the best in class 3 star hotels near Trichy bus stand.

  • Special Attention at Residence

What’s more entertaining and welcoming than a grand and special welcome at your hotel residence in a tourist place? It makes you feel more homely and welcoming. It is exactly what you will receive at the Breeze Residency. It works with an entirely customer-centred approach that focuses on every little detail in making your stay a memorable one.

  • Finest Delicacies to Drool In

The best 3 star hotels in Trichy have curated one of the finest delicacies that you will find in Trichy. If you are someone who loves exploring a new city and its local food, you will find a wide platter of local and fancy delicacies in these hotels.


Your stay at Breeze Residency exclusively combines a wholesome package of all the services and in case you are travelling by flight, you can find Breeze Residency among the list of the best-in-class 3 star hotels in Trichy near airport as well.

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