Pandemic Life: How It Changed Travel 

2020 was the year we all stayed at home, and travel took a back seat!

Cut to 2022, travel reopened across the globe. From masks to work from anywhere to workcations to staycations to solo traveletc. and the list goes on!

So, how do you restart your travel?

Explore your nearby destinations!

When we look around, there are always too manyoptions. It’s just that, we must open and look around. Because that is the beauty of travel! The places to explore are never enough!

Increase in domestic tourism

Because international tourism is not a quick fix and takes time, there has been an increase in domestic destinations. People are exploring their own country more than ever before.

This also a positive sign for domestic tourism in a whole.

Some ritualsto-dos to be done / Protocols will stick around!

Travel now has add-on rituals. Even the places you explore doesn’t follow, it is your sole responsibility to abide by the protocols

You must be tested and fully vaccinated. Covid vaccination certificate is mandatory. These things have become the norm in recent years and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

People are more aware of safety precautions, and hygiene is a major concern. Hotels, restaurants, and airlines are working around the clock to ensure that the environment is safe and virus-free. Bookings are done only when once people learn that the hotels/airlines are adhering to the protocols.

Workcations on the rise
If you go to work for 8 hrs, why don’t you do it by taking a self-care break

Research says that many people found out they could successfully work remotely during the pandemic; this sparked the birth of workcations.

This workcation is a flexible option thatcombines work and pleasure, travel on trips.

Meanwhile, the Millennials and Gen Z, wants to help local economies so they’re choosing not to stay in large, multinational, corporate hotels. They feel that the experience that they get from staying, eating that local hotels and restaurants and buy from local stores are unparalleled


Weekend camping and solo trips are becoming increasingly popular.

However, these journeys may be easier than ever before.

Many people have been backpacking from rural areas on the outskirts of towns to hills, resorts, animal sanctuaries, detox centres, and remote areas.

These are excellent opportunities to unplug and devote time to self-discovery. While there is safety in numbers, there are ways to plan solo trips without going too far out of your comfort zone.

It’s time to GO FURTHER with the protocols! Travel is a journey you take to explore yourself amid your own storms.

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