Best Backpacks to Wear on Tours and Hikes

Are you planning for a vacation? Confused about what kind of backpack would be right for you? Worry not; we have thoroughly curated a list of suitable bags for your needs. Conventionally, backpacks were meant for carrying items, but today, people prefer style, nimbleness, and practicality all at once.

If you ask any travel enthusiasts, they will always recommend purchasing ultra-durable backpacks as they are predominantly designed for rugged outdoor adventures. These backpacks are ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping or biking. Additionally, these backpacks are crafted to keep your essentials secure. It also accommodates anything from laptops to camerasand camping  gear.

Difference between rucksacks and backpacks

Rucksacks are basically large rugged backpacks made using the most durable materials to carry all your heavy loads like camping and trekking gears. These travel bags feature multiple pockets and belts to ensure you organise your gears and attach accessories for quick and easy access. Most of you will be wondering why rucksacks are higher than our heads; the answer is simple: to save the back of your head in case of any accidents or slips.

Backpacks for tourists are different as they are crafted with strategic sections to keep your things well organised. They aid you in carrying all your essentials such as cards, wallets, power bank, camera and much more. A backpack will be a good choice for a day/weekend trip and sightseeing.

Let’s get into the list and uncover the right one for you.

Polestar Xplore Rucksack

This exquisite rucksack is made from top-grade polyester fabric, ensuring waterproof and tear resistance. This 55L rucksack is equipped with a zipper-type closure to secure all your belongings, while its padded straps deliver a comfortable stay on your shoulder. Not only that, this rucksack also features a shoe compartment to keep your shoe away from your clothes. The free rain cover can be placed inside the bottom pocket. With a space dimension of 62 cm x 35 cm x 24 cm, you can store all your essentials without any hassle.

Fur Jaden Rucksack

A rucksack built to offer practicality and style. This 55L rucksack features a huge compartment to store your clothes and a separate shoe compartment for added benefit. It has multiple pockets to let you organise all your essentials and offer easy access. One more cool feature about this excellent rucksack is its external clips that aid you in holding a yoga mat, tent frame, camera stand etc.

Aristocrat 45L Rucksack

Aristocrat Bags are made from high-grade polyester that offers high strength, durability, and tear resistance. With 45L capacity and a zipper-type closure offers immense space and secures all your essentials. The butterfly lock with two compartments ensures that all your belongings are organised for quick and easy access.

Trawoc 80L Rucksack

Trawoc Rucksack is an excellent purchase for anyone who is into trekking or hiking. This massive 80L rucksack is ideal for carrying all your essentials and still get spinal support to make it easy. Made from high-grade nylon offers water resistance making it convenient to carry on any climate. The best part about this rucksack is its various straps, buckles, and pockets to keep things organised.

Tripole Rucksack

We save the best rucksack for the last. Tripole Rucksack is for extreme hikers with 80L capacity and internal back support for you to easily manoeuvre around. This rucksack evenly distributes the weight making it easy to carry. Made from supreme-grade polyester, this is durable enough to last for years. In addition to this, it features a hidden rain cover slot to keep your things dry. All the compartments in this rucksack are strategically placed to ensure easy accessibility and even distribution of weight.

Safari Seek Backpack

Safari is known to make the best and the most durable backpacks; the Seek is not an exception. This backpack is made from first-string polyester material and offers an elegant look and extreme durability. With a 45-litre capacity and a dimension of 53 cm x 32 cm x 27 cm, you can fit a laptop up to 17-inches and still have plenty of space to store your everyday carry.

Heroz Harbour Backpack

If you are travelling or sightseeing, then Heroz Harbour Backpack is the best choice to carry all your gear. This backpack is made from nylon material which ensures it is waterproof and durable. This backpack is the perfect combination of style and functionality, ideal for everyday carry. With a padded back and straps, it offers comfortable wear.

Bange Backpack

We all carry our devices with us during tours, but they tend to get low on battery. Then this intelligent bag from Bange is the ideal choice. This backpack features a compartment for your battery pack and a cable leading to a USB slot to charge your devices. With a capacity of 40L, this backpack is equipped with three longitudinal front pockets, two side pockets, an organised pocket inside, and a back pocket, taking organising your things to the next level. You don’t need to dig in to find your stuff with this backpack.

Accessories You Can Add for Convenience

Shoulder Strap Pocket: A small pocket that you can add to your strap for quick access. This small pocket is enough to store your cards, wallet, pocket knife, multitool, etc.

Water Bottle Sleeve: These sleeves are equipped with carabine making it convenient to attach a water bottle.

Hip Belt Pocket: This is more like a fanny pack for your small essentials and has it within your reach.

Pack Pocket: A pack pocket is held on the chest via a strap where you can store emergency kits, heat packs, quick snacks and water.

Roll-Top Fanny Packs: A collapsible bag that offers more storage.

Strap with Clasps: Too many straps are not a bad thing; these straps aid in spreading the pressure across the chest and balance the weight.

Rain Cover: Most bags come with a rain cover, but in case it doesn’t, then do get one to safeguard your things from wet climates.

How To Choose the Right Backpack?

The following features will help you to pick the right one.

Adjustable straps: A bag with adjustable straps is recommended so you can tailor it according to your size.

Easy access to pockets: Consider a backpack with convenient and easily accessible pockets. It is a small but powerful feature as you can access the essentials without opening the entire bag.

Organised compartments: Separate organisers inside the main room are essential to prevent an undesirable mess.

Size: Go for one that fits your need.

Budget: Make sure you invest your money in a bag with ample space and can last longer, so you don’t have to keep changing it.

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