Cool Spots in Trichy That Will Make A Splash

Trichy is one of the most visited places in Tamil Nadu, thanks to its scenic appeal and heritage. The city served as the seat of government for the early Cholas in the third century BC, as well as the Pallavas, Pandyas, and mediaeval Cholas.

There’s a lot more to Trichy. We have compiled a list of some of the cool places to visit in Trichy that will let you have a relaxing vacation with your loved ones!

Keep reading to find out the places to stop by in Trichy below:

Puliyancholai Waterfalls

The Puliyancholai Waterfalls is located in at the foot of the Kolli Hills

The captivating waterfalls is a well-liked tourist destination, and you can frequently expect increased visitor volume. The waterfalls give tranquillity unlike any other place and is a true haven of serenity and relaxation. One of the coolest places that will make a splash.

Many tourists are drawn to this location due to its calm and azure surroundings and you will too.

AgayaGangai Waterfalls

AgayaGangai Waterfalls, which plunges 300 feet to the ground, are found in the Eastern Ghats’ Kolli Hills. The waterfall is accessible via a walk or by ascending over 1000 steps.

A breezy walk towards the waterfalls is fun and adventurous when gone with friends. Monsoon season is the ideal time to visit AgayaGangai waterfalls. Plan accordingly.

Kallanai Dam

The Kallanai Dam is situated across the flowing River Kaveri and is only 15 km away from Tiruchirapalli. It is almost 66 feet wide and extends over 1079 feet! This historic dam was built over 2000 years ago, the oldest operational water regulation facility in the nation.

Although it may not have much else to offer, the breath-taking view is undoubtedly worth the trek. Due to its superior engineering, the dam also serves as a model for today’s dams.

Railway Museum

The Railway Museum in Tiruchirappalli, known for its artefacts, information, and models, honours the nearly 155-year-old gift of the Indian Rail Network with a striking exhibition of artefacts, models, and images.

The museum has two indoor and outdoor exhibitions spread across a 360 sq km area. Various records, antiquated manuals, railroad maps, tools, and images from the British Raj era are exhibited in the indoor area. Together, these artefacts enable visitors to grasp the magnificent history and rich heritage of the largest rail network in the world.

In addition to being kid-friendly, this museum is a must-see location for adults and train enthusiasts as it enables them to enhance their understanding of the Indian railway by investing some educational time there.

RockfortGanpathi Temple

The RockfortGanpathi Temple is by far Trichy’s most visited location. It gets its name from the distinctive building design. The massive granite that makes up the temple’s structure is thought to be the world’s oldest rock—older than the Himalayan Mountains.

The pilgrims arrive at the main temple area after ascending 344 stairs. The Thayumanaswamy, devoted to Lord Shiva, and to Lord Ganesha, are the two subparts of the temple. The temple dates its beginnings to the seventh century.

ViralimalaiMurugan Temple

The Murugan Temple in the little town of Viralimalai, which is close to Trichy, is well-known.

It is only 28 kilometres away from Trichy and can be reached by car in 30 minutes. This temple was established in the ninth century by Aditya Chola. This temple is perched atop a hill, like other places where Lord Muruga resides.

There are more than 200 stairs to climb on this little, steep slope to get to the temple. There are lovely pavilions (mandapas) along the route for devotees to relax. The hill is graced with a lush layer of vegetation. Peacocks are spotted frolicking in the open.

Final thoughts

We ensure that you get to visit the best places in Trichy. That’s why the entire list has a mixture of temples, waterfalls, dams, and more. In fact, we suggest taking a road trip and visiting the cool waterfalls while having a pleasant night’s stay at Breeze Residency.

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