Decoding 2 days of TRICHY for your heart, soul, mind and for the traveller in you

The best time to visit Trichy is generally from November to March. The tourists can take advantage of the pleasant, cool weather during this time. You can go to this location to partake in spiritual activities during holiday seasons like Margazhi and Karthigai.

The temperature during this period ranges between 19 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius.

Here’s 2 days of itinerary to explore the temple town 


Day 1- for the spiritual soul and mind – 

1. Sri RanganathaSwamy Temple 

Visiting the Ranganathaswamy temple can be a fascinating experience for both history buffs and devotees. 

Srirangam Temple is India’s largest temple complex and one of the greatest religious complexes in the world. The Ranganathaswamy Temple is built in Hindu architectural style and is thought to have been built during the Vijayanagara period (1336–1565).

Lord Ranganatha, a reclining form of Lord Vishnu, resides in the magnificent Ranganathaswamy Temple.

2. Our Lady of Lourdes Church 

This pristine white church, built in 1840, is located near the Rock Fort. It is a magnificent example of Gallo-Catholic architecture, with new-Gothic spires and anguished crucifixion and martyrdom scenes painted on the inside. The church bell is 90 feet (27.4 metres) tall, while the main tower is 220 feet (67 metres) tall, and the small tower is 120 feet tall (36.5 metres). The main tower contains statues of the Sacred Heart, St. Ignatius, St. Francis Xavier, and St. Britto.

3. Viralimalai Murugan

Tiruchirappalli’s Viralimalai Murugan Temple is located on the outskirts of town. There are many peacocks in the Viralimalai area, which makes for a lovely sight. The best times to go are between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM, and then again between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Although some areas are restricted to Hindus, others can visit and take beautiful photographs. There are many steps to get to the temple, making it unsuitable for wheelchairs or the elderly. It’s a peaceful and quiet rural setting.

4. Ayyapan temple 

This temple is dedicated to two main goals: cleanliness and peace. This maintains strict discipline and is a serene place of worship. It has a large meditation hall for devotees, and the best part is that there is no caste, creed, or race discrimination here, so non-Hindus are welcome to worship. A peaceful atmosphere is created by the clean and green environment. Most visitors come here not only to seek blessings, but also to enjoy the temple’s calm and serene atmosphere.


Day 2 – One for the traveller in you! 

Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort: 

The Rockfort Temple is Tiruchirappalli’s most famous landmark. This rock structure stands 275 feet tall. It is reached via a 437-step flight cut into the rock. Halfway up the hill is the Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has a Vimana and a 100-pillared hall. These temples contain inscriptions from the third century B.C. Tourists can get a great view of the town as well as its other major landmarks, such as Srirangam, the Cauvery River, the Coleroon River, and the Thiruvanaikal Kovil.

Enjoy Local Shopping 

1. Gandhi market: 

One of Tiruchirappalli’s well-known markets, Gandhi Market, is named after Mahatma Gandhi. It is a marketplace where farmers sell their produce together with other goods. Here, you may discover a variety of grocery stores that provide basic food items.

2. Chinna Kadai Street

The cheapest branded shoes and sandals may be found on Chinna Kadai Street. Every day, especially on Sundays, the market is typically packed. Chinna Kadai Street offers fantastic shopping opportunities.

3. Poompuhar Handicrafts

Some of the most distinctive handicrafts and handlooms in the world are available at Poompuhar Handicrafts. Poompuhar Handicrafts offers some things at a significant discount. Other objects for sale here include bronze icons, paintings, wood carvings, brass oil lamps, sandalwood products, and more.

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